Taurus The Bull
Here you will find Taurus facts on pictures of flowers, enjoy!

Anonymous asked: Leo here (with a Taurus moon) dropping by. Just wanted to say I love the flowers on your blog. They're cute and relaxing. K, bye. Have a wonderful day :)

Thank you :) Hope you have a wonderful day too!

savvy-the-great asked: Thank you for bringing together misunderstood Taureans w/cute pics of flowers. Your posts I find endearing at the least. No one will ever get how pleasure-seeking we really are. And how stubborn we get when challenged. So thank you mucho for this.

You’re welcome :) And thank you for liking the blog!

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Taurus The Bull turned 2 today!

amongthevoid asked: Love your blog, helps me get back to my roots and is actually quite inspiring. Hope to see more male posts in the future! :) Emerald warriors

Thanks, I hope to be posting again soon!

Anonymous asked: Some more taurus stuff?


Anonymous asked: You don't post a lot like you use to…😔

I know, I’m sorry! I have been busy & somewhat uninspired :/

momoguf asked: As a Taurus I'm sure you are spot on!!! 😍❤️👍👏🙏

Glad you think so!

Anonymous asked: I love your blog! keep it up :)


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